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BlueConduit X Google.org

We are incredibly excited to announce that Google.org will support BlueConduit, through the BlueConduit Charitable Fund, to develop software tools aimed at locating dangerous lead pipes and removing them from water systems across the United States. This new freely available product will be designed to maximally benefit cities that seek to address the challenge of lead in water infrastructure. It will be built on top of the BlueConduit Platform and will feature several core components, including:

  • A data management tool for assembling a water-system-wide service line inventory
  • Statistical and machine learning tools for estimating the quantity of lead pipes in a water system, their distribution, and the costs and time commitments required for remediation
  • Transparent reporting of known and unknown inventory data to the public and regulators, designed to be used in submissions of funding requests to state and federal authorities
  • A public-facing “nationwide LSL replacement report card” that maps the progress of the lead service line remediation across the US

These tools and offerings are scheduled for initial release during the first half of 2022. We are thrilled with the support from Google.org, the developing partnership with NRDC and WE ACT, and the fiscal sponsorship from the Windward Fund! To learn more about the project check out our blog.

If you’re interested in benefiting from these software tools and services, contact us here.

Eric and Jake

Co-Founders, BlueConduit