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LCRR 30-Minute Lunch and Learn Webinar

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LCRR 30-Minute Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, May 25 1PM Eastern Time

Got questions about Lead Service Line Inventories and Replacement Plans? Take 30 minutes out of your day to talk Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) on this webinar with BlueConduit’s Sheela Lal.

Sheela will present what is required of public water systems, by when, and how to get started. You will learn how to approach organizing the data needed to create your inventory of the public and private service lines.

We will briefly touch on approaches to uncertainty in these inventories. Most of the discussion will be what local officials and water utilities need to do to be ready for the LCRR requirements.

Who should attend this LCRR Webinar

  • Local officials
  • Water Utility leadership
  • LCR compliance staff at utilities

Lunch & Learn Webinar Format

We will have a short presentation (15 minutes) and leave the other half of the time (15 minutes) for answering specific questions brought by attendees. We will host the webinar on Zoom.


About BlueConduit

BlueConduit originated the approach of using machine learning to predict lead service line materials and have been doing it longer than anyone else.

Our team has been helping local officials and their engineering partners identify and remove lead service lines since 2016.

We’ve now created our software platform to streamline this process for our utility and engineering partners.