Kansas and Statistical Analysis for Service Line Inventories

Water systems in Kansas are preparing their service line inventories for the state’s LCRR deadline of October 16, 2024. Here’s a quick guide to the Kansas requirements and whether they accept predictive modeling.

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Quick Reference for Water Utilities in Kansas

Who must comply: all community and non-transient non-community water systems 1

What: inventory the materials of each service line portion as well as “any sources of lead including pigtails, goosenecks, and lead service lines” 2

How the inventory  must be electronically reported via the approved Kansas LSLI form 3

Additional requirements for large systems: “Systems over 50,000 population served shall make their inventory accessible by an online website.” 4

Statistical Analysis for Kansas Lead Service Line Inventories 

Is predictive modeling an accepted service line investigation method? Yes

Statistical analysis is one of the methods available to identify the service line material. 5 The screenshot from the inventory template shows the listing of sources that includes Statistical Analysis. 

Kansas Inventory Assistance

Are you a water system in Kansas looking for help with your inventory? Let’s talk! You may be able to get some support from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

BlueConduit responded to the KDHE November 2022 Request for Proposal for Water Service Line Inventories, Bid Event Number EVT0008877. We were 

  • The selected vendor for module B: statistical analysis, predictive modeling or machine learning
  • Selected as a vendor for module D: replacement planning

Water systems in Kansas can seek KDHE funding for statistical analysis for their Lead Service Line Inventory projects through contacting KDHE directly. Interested water systems should submit this Request for Assistance form to KDHE and check Module B for Statistical Analysis/Predictive Modeling.

About BlueConduit

BlueConduit originated the approach of using machine learning to predict lead pipes and have been doing it longer than anyone else. Now, we’ve created our software platform to streamline this process for our utility customers.

Ready to get started with your inventory? Check out our free resources: BlueConduit Starter.


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