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Timeline and Process

Manage your drinking water service line inventory and replacement with BlueConduit.

Utilities and engineering companies use BlueConduit’s cloud platform to monitor lead service line (LSL) replacement, meet federal and state regulatory requirements, and communicate actionable information to the public.

Your BlueConduit onboarding team is ready to guide you through the launch process.

Weeks 1-10

1. Upload Data and Conduct Inspections

  • Utility provides existing data on the location of LSLs within the water system such as
    • Verified service line material records
    • Historical service line material records
    • Codified water ordinances
    • Real estate, parcel, or structure data
    • Water test results
    • Water main size and material data
    • Fire hydrant locations and attributes
    • Water billing information
  • BlueConduit conducts a data audit and designs a field-sampling inventory to guide service line inspections at a representative set of homes
  • Inspection data is fed back into the machine-learning model in order to mitigate bias and continuously improve the model’s efficacy

Weeks 10-14

2. Develop Your LSL Inventory and Plan

  • Utility provides existing data on the location of LSLs within the water system – typical data
  • LSL inventory is developed from the inspection data and previously known information
  • Model assigns a material likelihood (e.g., a probability of the presence of lead between 0 and 100 percent) to parcels with unknown service line materials
  • Utility-facing LSL inventory map (Dashboard 1) launches and updates with new field data and predictions
  • City uses these predictions to deploy targeted LSL inspection and replacement efforts – prioritizing homes with the highest risk of lead exposure

Weeks 14-18

3. Report Progress and Update Your Data

  • Public-facing LSL inventory map (Dashboard 2) ready to share via city website pending your approval 
  • Community members gain a clear understanding of their individual risk of lead exposure
  • LCR compliance reports are programmed to automatically generate

Get Help with your LSL Inventory and Replacement Plan

BlueConduit has been helping water systems identify, prioritize, and replace LSLs since 2016. Let us help you plan your LSLR program, inventory your LSLs, and optimize your LSLR efforts.