Develop an Accurate Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement Plan with BlueConduit

Let’s get the lead out of the ground to protect public health, community trust, and public funds.

Available as a standalone platform and within Esri ArcGIS online.

Water utilities and their engineering partners need an actionable, accurate service line inventory for Lead Service Line Replacement Plans. Yet, they lack reliable information about service line materials. This uncertainty delays replacements, increases costs, and extends the amount of time residents must live with the risk of lead exposure.

We can help.

Our customers rely on BlueConduit’s machine learning platform to predict unknown service line materials. Field teams using our predictions regularly achieve hit rates greater than 80%. That high hit rate comes from digging in the right place to get the lead out. 

There is NO LEAD in your service line
Private Portion

There is LEAD in your service line
Public Portion

Accuracy & Order Matters

Order matters. Water systems can replace lead service lines in order of risk to the vulnerable, increasing equity and improving trust through transparency. 

“Lead service line replacement is a tremendous cost on its own and for BlueConduit to provide the City of Detroit and other municipalities the predictive modeling so that we can update our inventory and better plan for construction in a clustered approach is a significant cost and time savings.”

Gary Brown
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Detroit, Michigan

Read more from the City of Detroit.

Learn how to evaluate predictive models for lead service line inventory and replacement

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The EPA’s Service Line Inventory Guidance mentioned our work on predictive modeling

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Our Customers

BlueConduit has worked with water utilities in over two hundred communities to predict the location of lead service lines in their water systems and accelerate their LSLI/LSLR projects.

Over and over again, we’ve seen how effectively the combination of proactive replacement and clear communication works to reinforce public trust.

How it Works


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Develop Your LSL Inventory
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Report Progress & Update with New Data

What Our Customers Have Achieved

We have worked with over 200 water systems and municipalities and with the nation’s top engineering consulting companies. 

Hit Rate >80%

Field tested.

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2+ million service lines

We have inventoried lines that serve 5+ million people.

About BlueConduit

BlueConduit originated the approach of using machine learning to predict lead pipes and have been doing it longer than anyone else.

Read about our origins in Flint: BlueConduit’s data science predictions of drinking water service line materials improved planning, reduced cost, and provided replacement priorities based on risk of lead exposure.

Now, we’ve created our software platform to streamline this process for our utility and engineering partners.

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