Maintain LCRR/LCRI compliance with ease

The EPA’s Lead and Copper Rules and state guidance are complex and subject to ongoing updates and deadlines, making it difficult to stay compliant if you don’t know what to look for. That’s where we come in!

BlueConduit makes it easy to stay compliant with federal and state regulations.

Why BlueConduit?

Benefits of BlueConduit’s LCRR/LCRI Compliance support

Expert policy team

BlueConduit’s policy team engages directly with state regulators to understand state-specific guidance and clarify gray areas. This regulatory engagement is provided as a standard part of the LSL Predictions and No Lead Validation product offerings.

Clear, easy-to-understand communication

We provide easy-to-understand reports that detail our process & findings, alongside dashboards and metrics in Esri, to ease communications with multiple stakeholders.

State-compliant inventory format

Save time and feel confident that your Inventory meets state guidance with Inventories delivered in state-compliant formats.

How it Works

LCRR/LCRI Compliance from start to finish


“We wanted to use predictive modeling because we had a massive amount of unknowns and we knew it would be really tough to get a response from every customer [regarding service line material]. We selected BlueConduit specifically because we needed predictive software that would work with ‘zero lead input,’ as well as zero lead expected in the system, and still get us good results. We knew BlueConduit was referenced in the EPA’s documents for the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and thought that this familiarity and trusted process would make it easier for us to get our project approved by SCDHEC.”

Megan Schweitz

Lead and Copper Coordinator, Summerville Commissioners of Public Works (CPW)


“LCRI regulatory compliance requirements seem to be a moving target. I know that BlueConduit is at the table with the regulators making recommendations about predictive modeling and that they have influenced different states in their guidance decisions.”

Nathaniel Norton

GIS Director, Tighe & Bond

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