Proactive Lead Service Line (LSL) Management

Manage unknowns for Service Line Inventory and replacement planning using locally-tailored, AI-driven predictive modeling.

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Key Features

Empowering utilities with actionable LSL Predictions

BlueConduit’s LSL Predictions delivers the most precise, transparent, and user-friendly lead and GRR likelihood predictions for every service line segment. Our solution minimizes the complexity of handling regulatory demands and relationships, making lead service line (LSL) inventory and replacement management remarkably simple and efficient. Whether you’re just getting started or further along in your data analysis journey, BlueConduit is a community partner you can trust.

Tailored, local models based on unique community analysis

LSL Predictions’ tailored, local models are grounded in our Data Science team’s experience building lead/GRR likelihood predictive models for hundreds of communities, as well as the water system’s internal knowledge and insights, to ensure the highest accuracy predictions without bias. Our team and technology looks at all available data, sometimes hundreds of factors, assessing thousands of models to identify the best-fit model for your community.

Simple, clear written reports

LSL Predictions, supported by BlueConduit’s expert Data Scientists, generates simple, easy to understand reports at every step of the process, supporting full transparency, understanding, and ease of communication and compliance for water systems, regardless of their grounding in data science analytics.

Delivered right into Esri

LSL Predictions delivers inspection lists and predictions directly into the water system’s Esri environment, alongside easy-to-use dashboards and metrics. This enables customers to use predictive data alongside other relevant municipal data sets and to take advantage of Esri functionality for Service Line Inventory. For water systems that do not use Esri, we support delivery in other easy-to-access formats as well.


Real-world solutions, tangible results

See how other cities are utilizing LSL Predictions to efficiently and compliantly identify and replace lead pipes. 

case studies

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) Detroit officials estimate the city saved $165 million by using our predictive modeling technology in its search for lead pipes.

case studies

City of South Bend completed just 125 physical verifications – 0.25% of over 50,000 laterals – to enable the predictive modeling process.


City of Flint reduced their cost per successful lead service line replacement by 75%, from nearly $24,000 to $6,000.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as needed. We can help you standardize and transform your data into a compliant Inventory. For all customers, we also do data reviews for compliance and help you utilize predictions to classify service line materials in your Inventory.

We consider multiple measures of accuracy including recall, precision, confidence interval, and ground truth hit rates, among other model performance metrics. For most customers, depending on the dataset, we are able to deliver our statistical analysis with a 95% confidence level. Learn more about how BlueConduit thinks about accuracy.

Yes, with AI defined as using a computer to do things that a human brain can also do. Specifically, our Data Science team builds machine learning models. We do not currently use artificial neural networks or generative models, such as ChatGPT, for our data science work. Learn more about how we think about and use AI, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling.

It depends on your existing dataset and your state’s guidance. Our models can often generate high confidence predictions with as few as 100-150 representative field verifications. Learn more about our approach to representative sampling.

Cost savings are compared to the cost of verifying every service line, assuming an average verification cost of $1,000 per verification, which can include excavation, meter inspections, labor, customer notifications, pitcher/filter kits, etc. Time savings are compared to verifying every service line, assuming the number of verifications for BlueConduit are aligned with MI EGLE’s guidance and statistical best practices.

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