Predictive Modeling for Water Mains

Identify and manage water mains at risk of failure using locally tailored, AI-driven predictive modeling.

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Key Features

Stay ahead of water main leaks and failures with Water Main Predictions

Water Main Predictions identifies water mains most at risk of failure or leaks using locally tailored, dynamic predictive modeling enhanced by external data, backed by BlueConduit’s best-in-class Data Science team, and delivered in Esri.

Local, tailored models

Water Main Predictions harnesses BlueConduit’s proven process and experience in lead service lines to create locally tailored predictive models for every water system, providing our customers with the most accurate probability of failure (PoF) analytics.

Data enrichment

In addition to historical water main data, the locally tailored predictive model utilizes robust external data including weather data, soil type, parcel information and more to dynamically enrich and improve the analysis.

Dynamic updates

The custom predictive model is re-trained monthly to ensure predictions are up-to-date and responsive to new data and local realities.

Delivered in Esri

PoF analytics are delivered as Esri data and dashboard layers showing dynamic PoF across multiple timeframes. Delivery in Esri enables customers to use predictive data alongside other relevant municipal data sets for planning and communication and to take advantage of native Esri functionality.

Seamless Integration: Water Main Predictions with Esri GIS

Easily visualize water main predictions within Esri’s intuitive mapping interface, gaining a spatial understanding of areas at risk.

"We built BlueConduit to support the modernization of water systems around the country. It is really hitting home this week: A 140 year old water main in my neighborhood broke and I haven't been able to drink the municipal water in more than 5 days. This reinforces the need for our solution, which improves a water system's understanding of their drinking water network using predictive modeling and machine learning. It is designed to help them make assessment and maintenance decisions that can prevent catastrophic failures."

Jake Abernethy

BlueConduit co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

We consider multiple measures of model performance and accuracy. Learn more about how BlueConduit thinks about accuracy.

Yes, with AI defined as using a computer to do things that a human brain can also do. Specifically, our Data Science team builds machine learning models. We do not currently use artificial neural networks or generative models, such as ChatGPT, for our data science work. Learn more about how we think about and use AI, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling.

This product provides dynamic leak and failure likelihood predictions for every water main on multiple time horizons. This data drives Condition Assessment decisions including physical assessment, maintenance, and replacement.

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