Minimize the unknowns in your Service Line Inventory

Unknowns increase compliance requirements and make it difficult to fund and plan replacement projects.

BlueConduit’s statistical methods and compliance support empower water systems to classify unknowns as “Lead,” “GRR,” or “Non-Lead” in the Service Line Inventory, empowering them to plan for funding needs and replacements efficiently and simply.

Why BlueConduit?

Benefits of BlueConduit’s Lead Service Line Unknown Management solutions

Predictions for multiple materials

LSL Predictions provides predictive analysis for a variety of hazardous materials, including lead, GRR, galvanized, lead goosenecks, and more.

Targeted, phased field investigations

BlueConduit’s process only requires field investigations for a small percentage of your system, compared to the time consuming task of investigating the entire system.

‘Lead’ definition assessment

Support classification as “Lead”, “GRR”, and “Non-Lead” for Service Line Inventory, aligned with state-specific definitions.

State-compliant Inventory technology

Save time and feel confident that your Inventory meets state guidance with Inventories delivered in state-compliant formats.

No Lead Validation

Manage unknowns and validate “No Lead” for your Service Line Inventory using locally-tailored statistical methods and reporting.

Unlock funding opportunities

Partnering with BlueConduit boosts water systems' access to financial resources through supportive data-backed evidence and communication support.

How it Works

Efficiently analyze and classify your unknowns
Case Studies
DWSD saves millions in lead service line replacements with predictive modeling
Detroit officials estimate the city saved $165 million by using BlueConduit’s predictive modeling technology in its search for lead pipes.


BlueConduit’s unknown management for service line materials


BlueConduit customers spend 90-95% less on service line material identification, saving both time and money.

2-3 months

BlueConduit customers complete service line material identification in 2-3 months, compared to 3-10+ years without predictive modeling.

Save $4.5M

and 5 years of work

A BlueConduit customer with 5,000 unknowns can expect to save over $4.5M and 5 years of work on service line material identification.


Confidence interval

For No Lead Validation, BlueConduit’s Data Science team + technology routinely deliver statistical models with a 95% confidence interval

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