Welcome to LSLI Starter

BlueConduit Starter provides free resources to help water systems of any size compile a compliant Service Line Inventory and plan for lead line replacements, budgets, and community engagement.

These free tools were developed as part of grants from Google.org and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Starter Tool #1

Lead Service Line count & replacement cost estimate report

This custom report details system-level lead estimates and expected replacement costs for the unique water system. This helps water systems understand their likely project scope and plan for funding requests such as to a State Revolving Fund (SRF). The system-level predictions are generated by applying BlueConduit’s state-of-the art predictive modeling approach to publicly available data, building on published academic research by BlueConduit.

Starter Tool #2

Data validator

After a water system has completed a draft Service Line Inventory, the Data Validator tool helps the water system ensure that the inventory’s data and format is compliant with the EPA’s Inventory template.* The Data Validator guides the water system through a series of questions and checks to ensure the Inventory data is complete, standardized, and aligned with EPA requirements.

*The Data Validator works off the EPA’s Inventory template only. Where they differ from the EPA’s guidance, water systems must comply with state-specific data requirements outlined by their state regulator.

Starter Tool #3

Free expert how-to guides

Explore downloadable guides and whitepapers on a variety of LSLI-related topics – from how to begin compiling and inventory to managing data bias and more.

Starter Tool #4

LeadOut map

BlueConduit believes that people who live in the U.S. have a right to know where lead service lines may exist and have access to resources to help protect themselves. 

Since our founding, BlueConduit has collected publicly available data about lead service lines. The LeadOut Map is the result of our commitment to the public, alongside our partners, to make this data available for free and in one place. LeadOut Map is an educational tool that we hope helps inform the national conversation about lead in our drinking water.

The LeadOut Map Initiative:

A Partnership with BlueConduit, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Google.org

LeadOut Map is the product of a collaboration between academic, foundation, nonprofit, and technology partners committed to informing the national conversation about lead in our drinking water.

How it was built

LeadOut Map’s data collection and technology design was funded by The Rockefeller Foundation and Google.org. A team of Google employees—researchers, designers, product managers, and software engineers—worked with BlueConduit on a full-time, pro bono basis to help build the tool through the Google.org Fellowship program. LeadOut Map’s machine learning technology is powered by BlueConduit.

LeadOut Map is made possible by nonprofit partners who lend their expertise and resources to help ensure the public has the education and tools they need to help protect themselves against lead in drinking water. These partners are the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and WE ACT for Environmental Justice.

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