No Lead Validation
Made Easy

Manage unknowns and validate “Non-Lead” service lines for your Inventory using locally tailored, statistical methods and reporting.

Key Features

Statistically show the lack of lead in your water system

BlueConduit’s No Lead Validation offers the most accurate, transparent, and easy-to-use No-Lead analysis and report, and removes the headache of managing complex regulatory requirements and relationships.

Classify full system as "Non-Lead"

Using representative sampling and rigorous statistical analysis, we efficiently validate the lack of lead across your full water system and document results & process for your state regulators

Trusted partner in compliance

BlueConduit’s expert policy team engages directly with state regulators to understand your state’s unique guidance and advocate on your behalf. Our technology ensures your Service Line Inventory data is fully compliant with EPA and state guidance, ahead of the regulatory deadlines.

Major cost and time savings​

spend 90-95% less on service line material identification

complete service line material identification in 2-3 months, compared to 3-10+ years for physical verification


Your trusted partner through every step of your data analysis journey

Whether you’re just getting started or further along in your data analysis journey, BlueConduit is a community partner you can trust.

“We wanted to use predictive modeling because we had a massive amount of unknowns and we knew it would be really tough to get a response from every customer [regarding service line material]. We selected BlueConduit specifically because we needed predictive software that would work with ‘zero lead input,’ as well as zero lead expected in the system, and still get us good results. We knew BlueConduit was referenced in the EPA’s documents for the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and thought that this familiarity and trusted process would make it easier for us to get our project approved by SCDHEC.”​

Megan Schweitz

Lead and Copper Coordinator, Summerville Commissioners of Public Works (CPW)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as needed. We can help you standardize and transform your data into a compliant Inventory. For all customers, we also do data reviews for compliance and help you utilize predictions to classify service line materials in your Inventory.

We consider multiple measures of accuracy including recall, precision, confidence interval, and ground truth hit rates, among other model performance metrics. For most customers, depending on the dataset, we are able to deliver our statistical analysis with a 95% confidence level. Learn more about how BlueConduit thinks about accuracy.

Yes, with AI defined as using a computer to do things that a human brain can also do. Specifically, our Data Science team builds machine learning models. We do not currently use artificial neural networks or generative models, such as ChatGPT, for our data science work. Learn more about how we think about and use AI, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling.

It depends on your existing dataset and your state’s guidance. Our models can often generate high confidence predictions with as few as 100-150 representative field verifications. Learn more about our approach to representative sampling.

Cost savings are compared to the cost of verifying every service line, assuming an average verification cost of $1,000 per verification, which can include excavation, meter inspections, labor, customer notifications, pitcher/filter kits, etc. Time savings are compared to verifying every service line, assuming the number of verifications for BlueConduit are aligned with MI EGLE’s guidance and statistical best practices.

Ready to validate "Non Lead" lines in your service line inventory?

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