Empowering communities through water analytics

Join us in our relentless pursuit of a future where safe, reliable, affordable water is a reality for all.

Amid the uncertainty of the Flint water crisis, a team of faculty and student researchers at the University of Michigan recognized a unique opportunity for data science to support community leaders in removing toxic lead from the water supply. 

BlueConduit harnessed the power of predictive analytics to identify where to dig for lead service lines in Flint and provided insights to community decision-makers, accelerating the removal of lead.

We help cities make tough choices in the face of uncertainty, and we’ve been mission-driven from the beginning.

Our Mission

Empower communities to prioritize health and sustainability through data science, starting with universal access to clean drinking water and a lead-free future.

Our Vision & Guiding Principles

Our work started with lead pipes, but it doesn’t end there.

BlueConduit is working to be the trusted partner in predictive and decision analytics, helping cities make unbiased, equitable, efficient infrastructure decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Act as a conduit

Connect our customers and external partners to communities to build a path towards community agency and trust in public health systems.

Utilize equitable & ethical data practices

Intentionally integrate equitable and ethical data practices into the products and software we provide to our customers.

Expand internal and external operating practices

Build diverse internal and external relationships through innovative and equitable hiring practices and expanded partnership building.

our team

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