Locate Lead Service Lines with ground truth accuracy

BlueConduit uses rigorous, academically-based and market-tested AI and machine learning algorithms, supported by best-in-class people + process, to provide the best predictions available.

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Why BlueConduit?

Benefits of BlueConduit’s Lead Service Line predictive analysis solution

Market-tested accuracy

Early BlueConduit clients report a >90% ground truth accuracy rate for lead likelihood predictions.

Rigorous machine learning algorithms

The BlueConduit Data Science Team applies a wealth of academic and industry experience to arrive at deep analytical insights tailored to specific communities.

Predictions for multiple materials

LSL Predictions provides predictive analysis for a variety of hazardous materials, including lead, GRR, and more.

Proven process

BlueConduit’s predictive process, supported by expert Data Scientists, has built lead likelihood predictive models for hundreds of communities.

Transparency at every step

BlueConduit customers stay informed at every step of the process with easy-to-understand written reports and communications available to share with internal and external stakeholders, funding partners, and anyone who needs to be in the know, regardless of their level of data science expertise.

Esri integration

Predictions and inspection lists are directly into Esri, alongside easy to use dashboards and metrics, as well as other easy-to-use formats.

How it Works

Analyzing service line segments for lead identification and replacement
Case Studies
Paving the way for safer water systems post-Flint crisis
After a series of phased, representative inspections, Flint saw a hit rate of up to 97% when utilizing BlueConduit's predictions.


BlueConduit’s Predictions


Recall & precision

BlueConduit predictive models routinely identify 80-90%+ of lead total lines (recall) and these positive predictions are 80-90%+ accurate (precision).

Up to 80%

Increase in AUC ROC

BlueConduit predictive models demonstrate up to an 80% additional gain in performance compared to baseline, simple heuristic models (ex, age of home).


Hit rate

For early customers who’ve already started replacements, lead likelihood was predicted correctly with a >90% ground truth success rate.

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