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Our Team

Aaron Beckett Interim Head of Engineering

Alice Berners-Lee, Ph.D. Director of Data Science
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Blair Forcet Business Development Manager

Elana Fox VP of Strategic Initiatives

Lorne Groe CEO
Meet Lorne

Raanan Gurewitsch Data Scientist, R&D
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Tyler Harmon Delivery Project Manager

Abay Israel Director of Product

A photo of Sheela Lal

Sheela Lal
Delivery Projects Manager
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Ashley Lewis Operations Support Specialist
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BG McDaniel

B.G. (ret.) Michael McDaniel Director of Government and Customer Services
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Kristy McGrath

Kristy McGrath VP of Sales
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Kari Paine

Kari Paine Senior Product Designer
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Ian Robinson President/COO
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Carrie Shunia Marketing Manager

Roxcee Stacker VP of Customer Success

Sydney Trieu

Sydney Trieu Data Scientist
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Jared Webb

Jared Webb Chief Data Scientist
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Jacob Abernethy Co-Founder
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Eric Schwartz Co-Founder
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Toby Brzoznowski Advisor

Kerry Duggan

Kerry Duggan Advisor

Don Manfredi, Advisor

Don Manfredi Advisor

Andy Rosenblatt

Andy Rosenblatt Advisor