LCRR Compliance

Reduce the Unknowns in your Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement Plan via Predictive Modeling

Let’s get the lead out!

What Our Customers Say:

“Anytime you can leverage innovation to reduce costs and property disruption is a benefit to your service area. Lead service line replacement is a tremendous cost on its own and for BlueConduit to provide the City of Detroit and other municipalities the predictive modeling so that we can update our inventory and better plan for construction in a clustered approach is a significant cost and time savings. A savings that benefits our ratepayers who would otherwise see a significant rate increase.”

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Director Gary Brown

Water utilities have until October 2024 to comply with the EPA Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR).

LCRR requirements include preparing and submitting their

  • Lead Service Line Inventory (LSLI)
  • Lead Service Line Replacement Plan (LSLR)
  • Public Communications Plan
  • Water Sample/Testing Plan

All requirements hinge on an up-to-date inventory. The challenge is that many water systems do not know where the lead lines are nor how many they have.

We can help.

Water utilities use BlueConduit predictive modeling to: 

  • Reduce the uncertainty and the number of unknowns in their service line materials inventory.
  • Optimize the number of inspections.
  • Prioritize lead service line replacements by risk to the vulnerable, increasing equity and improving trust through transparency.
  • Automate reporting in the state-appropriate format.

Field teams using BlueConduit predictions regularly achieve hit rates greater than 80%. That high hit rate comes from digging in the right place to get the lead out. 

Our Guide to the Guidance

Did you see it? BlueConduit was mentioned in the US EPA’s Guidance for Developing and Maintaining a Service Line Inventory August 2022.

We compiled some key highlights on best practices to

  • Prep your data
  • Use predictive modeling as a service line investigation method
  • Create publicly-accessible maps

Does Your State Accept Predictive Modeling?

The EPA included predictive modeling in its Guidance for Developing and Maintaining a Service Inventory, then deferred to state regulators to decide how they want their water systems to engage with the technology. 

How it Works


Gather Data and Conduct Inspections


Develop Your LSL Inventory
& Replacement Plan


Report Progress & Update with New Data

BlueConduit is available as a standalone platform and within Esri ArcGIS Online.

What Our Customers Have Achieved

We have worked with over two hundred water systems/communities and with the nation’s top engineering consulting companies. 

Hit Rate >80%

Field tested.

Learn how we measure success at BlueConduit.

2+ million service lines

We have inventoried lines that serve 5+ million people.

About BlueConduit

BlueConduit originated the approach of using machine learning to predict lead service line materials and have been doing it longer than anyone else.

Our team has been helping local officials and their engineering partners identify and remove lead service lines since 2016.

We’ve now created our software platform to streamline this process for our utility and engineering partners.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you develop your inventory and plan accurately and affordably.