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BlueConduit Tiers

For Utilities starting their LSLI Prep


Free Jump-Start, Funded by Foundation Support

  • Prep for Inventory submission (data checks, schema, and how-tos)
  • System-level LSL prediction
  • Remediation cost estimate
  • Tailored bias recommendations
For Utilities and their Engineering Consultants


Includes Starter, Plus:

  • Smart Service Line Inventory: Address-level predictions of service line materials (public and private sides)
  • Monitor and Report LSL replacement progress in your utility-internal dashboard
  • Parcel-level service line material Predictions (public and private sides)
  • LSL Replacement priorities
  • Facilitate customer communications with your public-facing interactive map
  • Available via BlueConduit powered by Esri LSLI or stand-alone
For Multi-Location Utilities and States


Includes Pro, Plus:

  • Ability to manage, review, and roll-up multiple water systems.