120Water and BlueConduit Strategic Partnership

120Water and BlueConduit Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Machine Learning to Utilities Focused on Finding and Replacing Lead Service Lines

[Toronto, June 12, 2023] – 120Water, a leading digital water platform, and BlueConduit, the pioneer of predictive analytics for water utilities, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to enhance water quality solutions and promote safe drinking water for communities across the country. This partnership will allow 120Water to utilize BlueConduit’s best-in-class predictive modeling inside its platform. Customers engaging with both 120Water and BlueConduit will experience a seamless integration between the two products. 

The collaboration between 120Water and BlueConduit combines their expertise and innovative technologies to address the pressing challenges faced by water utilities and primacy agencies tasked with managing compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). Through this partnership, the companies aim to deliver comprehensive and data-driven solutions that ensure the safety and reliability of drinking water systems. 

120Water offers a software platform, products and services that utilities, facilities and state agencies use to manage water quality programs. Their cloud-based system enables utilities to manage and monitor sampling programs, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines.

BlueConduit created the first data science approach to predict the presence of lead pipes in water systems and to optimize their removal. Facing incomplete records of service line materials, utilities use BlueConduit’s machine learning platform to predict the unknown materials of water service lines from limited verified information. Utilities leverage model predictions to guide replacement and compliance priorities to target areas with highest risk of lead lines. 

“Partnering with BlueConduit aligns perfectly with our mission to bring best-in-breed solutions to water utilities and state agencies,” said Megan Glover, CEO and co-founder of 120Water. “By bringing BlueConduit into our preferred partner network, we are incorporating their predictive analytics capabilities into our platform and will empower utilities to address lead contamination risks and protect public health proactively.”

“BlueConduit is thrilled to collaborate with 120Water, creating one more avenue for us to advance our mission of enabling communities to prioritize health and sustainability through data science,” said Eric Schwartz, co-founder of BlueConduit. “By offering our service line predictive modeling product also within their platform, we will expand our impact to support more water utilities to get lead out efficiently and equitably.”

BlueConduit and 120Water are both inaugural partners in the Biden-Harris Get the Lead Out Partnership announced in February of this year. Working with the federal government and a coalition of states, Tribes, local communities, water utilities, labor unions, and nongovernmental organizations, BlueConduit and120Water will advance a shared set of principles and a commitment to accelerating lead service line replacement.

120Water and BlueConduit already have shared customers, this partnership strengthens our joint commitment to providing a seamless experience for our customers to comply with the LCRR and provide safe drinking water to communities across the nation. Combined the two companies are inventorying over 5 million service lines that impact more than 12 million people.

About 120Water

120Water is the comprehensive solution used by water professionals across the country to manage critical lead and drinking water programs. Comprised of secure cloud-based software services and point-of-use kits, 120Water’s solution provides tailored workflows for complying with lead and water quality programs to protect public health. Working with thousands of utilities across 43 states, Their team of water, policy and technology experts have supported over 8,000 sampling events, partnering with the National Rural Water Association (NRWA), water systems and government agencies such as Citizens Energy Group, the City of Providence, RI, the City of Asheville, NC, and Chicago Public Schools to protect public health and provide clean drinking water to all communities. To learn more, visit 120Water.com or follow them on Twitter @120_Water.

About BlueConduit

BlueConduit, the pioneer in using data science to find lead pipes, has applied machine learning models across over 200 communities and water systems in 18 states. Their predictions have enabled water utilities to locate lead in greater than 80% of attempted replacements, accelerating the removal of lead and lowering the cost per successful replacement. BlueConduit’s data science platform is available to utilities integrated with Esri LSLI or as a stand-alone platform. Access to the BlueConduit platform is supported for disadvantaged communities in part through grants from Google.org and The Rockefeller Foundation. To learn more, visit BlueConduit.com and follow them on Twitter @BlueConduitAI.

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