BlueConduit Selected for Water Innovation Pilot

BlueConduit is excited to announce the selection of our pilot project by the Sustainable Access Solution Fund. The Solution Fund, created by the Coca-Cola Foundation and Imagine H2O, unlocks targeted grants and technical support to help communities pilot and adopt innovation.

Through this pilot project, BlueConduit will explore opportunities with a utility in Mississippi to improve their water infrastructure by prioritizing resources in high-risk areas using machine learning and predictive modeling.

BlueConduit’s co-founder, Eric Schwartz, states, “We started working in Flint MI in 2016 asking a bold question: how might we apply data science and machine learning to help Flint identify and replace their lead service lines?

Now, nearly 10 years after the water source changed in Flint triggering its crisis and 5 years after founding BlueConduit, we’re continuing to explore opportunities to innovate applying machine learning to help city governments make better decisions and more efficiently manage their infrastructure challenges. Central to our work using the best-in-class methods to address environmental justice in communities.

We’re so excited to work with a Mississippi utility, supported by our partners at Imagine H20, to empower local officials to more efficiently and equitably mitigate risks for their community.”

Learn more here.

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