BlueConduit at OmniSci 2019

BlueConduit spoke at OmniSci 2019 and was included in the launch of OmniSci for Good.

OmniSci for Good

OmniSci, a leader in accelerated analytics, highlighted its collaboration with BlueConduit’s team as part of launching its OmniSci for Good, program as part of its Converge 2019 event. The goal of OmniSci for Good is to support those using advanced data analytics to make a difference in the world.

“OmniSci for Good combines our company’s values for social benefit with our singular expertise in accelerated analytics. Our intent is to empower people and organizations working for positive change,” said Aaron Williams, OmniSci’s vice president of global community. “We believe this program will have unique and far-reaching benefits, and I look forward to seeing the projects that develop from it.”

OmniSci’s analytics platform has already proven effective in speeding resolution of one of America’s most urgent community problems: the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Using the platform, a team of analysts from the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech trained a machine learning model to predict where to find and efficiently replace thousands of lead pipes that contribute to the crisis.

“Our research involved extremely large, complex datasets from multiple sources. No solution other than OmniSci accelerated analytics could have handled the computation and processing loads involved,” stated Dr. Eric Schwartz, the University of Michigan researcher leading the project, and co-founder of the startup BlueConduit. “Its ability to graphically represent the results, in maps detailed to street and even house levels, has changed the course of the project for us.”

Flint Water Crisis Presentation at OmniSci 2019

The BlueConduit team also spoke at OmniSci 2019 about our work in Flint. Here’s the video


About BlueConduit

BlueConduit pioneered the predictive modeling approach to lead service line identification and replacement. Through BlueConduit data science, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and consultants standardize, predict, report, and communicate key information about lead.