Interview with Metise Moore Sr from WEFTEC

Thank you to Dr. Cat Shrier from Water Citizen for her interview of BlueConduit’s Chief Commercial Officer Metise Moore Sr. at WEFTEC22 in New Orleans.

Metise and Dr. Cat discussed several topics, from BlueConduit’s platform, to how to recruit talent, to how to increase opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation from marginalized communities.

Here is the interview:

Everyone deserves the right to have clean drinking water coming into their home.

Metise Moore Sr interviewed by Water Citizen (1:23)

[BlueConduit] could save the municipality or the water system x amount of dollars in avoidable digs also not make the residents so upset or mad about someone coming to dig up their property. There’s a lot of good things we can assist with…creating an inventory plan, as well replacement plan, cost savings, time and also speed.

Metise Moore Sr interviewed by Water Citizen (4:46)

I think it’s extremely important [to hear from entrepreneurs from marginalized communities] because not only just on the importance of having clean water, in the lead service line replacement projects but also to give those marginalized communities the same access, the same safety conditions, and also the same components as the neighboring communities

Metise Moore Sr interviewed by Water Citizen (6:46)

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