LCRR Compliance in WF&M Journal

Water Finance & Management Journal spoke with several water industry experts in its “Staying Ahead of Lead” Q & A. The article included the perspectives of:

  • Maureen Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Water, Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC)
  • Jonathon Cuppett, Director of Water Quality Compliance, 120Water
  • Mike McGill, President, WaterPIO &
  • Ian Robinson, President & COO, BlueConduit.

Each answered questions on the LCRR compliance deadline of Oct. 2024, financing and funding, the impact of lead on public trust, and effective community outreach.

October 2024 is just over 18 months away.

There is so much that needs to be done in that timeline and it starts with getting a handle on the service line inventory. Yet, many utilities lack reliable information on lead service lines.

Predictive modeling fills those gaps.

– Ian Robinson

Read the full “Staying Ahead of Lead” Q & A on the Water Finance & Management site.

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