Meet the Team: Ashley Lewis

Ashley Lewis is BlueConduit’s Operations Support Specialist. Here’s a quick Q&A with Ashley.

Why did you join BlueConduit?

I found BlueConduit through an Indeed posting. I was drawn to the company because of the work they did to help resolve the Flint water crisis – a difficult topic and an issue close to my heart. I was also interested in remote work as a way to maintain a better work-life balance. After the first interview with BlueConduit, I knew I wanted to join this team and work community because they were accommodating, kind, and engaging from the very start.

What professional experience and expertise do you bring to BlueConduit?

I have 17 years of federal government experience (combined active duty military/government civilian/reserves) as well as a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. My entire career has been HR, records management, information security, and executive level administrative support.

What does a day in the life of BlueConduit’s Operations Support Specialist look like?

My day starts with the morning Senior Leadership Team meeting to discuss daily goals. Then I dig into my work related to BlueConduit’s finance, human resources, and operations functions. I’m responsible for payroll, accounts payable and receivable, talent recruitment and hiring, team accountability, scheduling, and records management.

What work accomplishments are you most proud of and what goals have you prioritized for this year?

By far the accomplishment I’m most proud of is helping to build the amazing team at BlueConduit. I am I am most proud of seeing the team double in size from when I joined back in June 2021. It is energizing to know that I’m having a direct impact on the growth of our company and that the recruitment and hiring processes I’ve developed from job postings to new employee onboarding are helping us attract top talent.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a business owner, Air Force Reservist, wife, and mother of three.


About BlueConduit

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