Meet the Team: Sydney Solomon

Sydney is BlueConduit’s Operations & Marketing Coordinator. Here’s a quick Q&A with Sydney.

Why did you join BlueConduit?

I joined BlueConduit because like so many of my colleagues I was made aware of an issue that didn’t seem to be getting much attention. Water is an essential source of life, and I wanted to be apart of a company that was not only aware of the issue, but actually going out and making a difference in low income communities. As I grew in the company, I got to see how devoted my coworkers were to the cause of getting the lead out and I knew that I was at a company I’d love to join.

What professional experience and expertise do you bring to BlueConduit?

I have a writing background that helps me immensely with the blog that I keep up with for BC, my organizational sklls are also very helpful because with marketing there is always a queue of upcomings things to do and ideas to bring to fruition. I also have a background in adminstrative support/assistance and excellent customer service.

What does a day in the life of BlueConduit’s Operation & Marketing Coordinator?

It definitely depends on what season the company is in. So when I say that I mean, if we are in recruitment season and hiring for certain positions my time is mostly spent sifting through resumes, having recruitment meetings to assess candidates, and setting up interviews. For the role of Marketing coordinator when we are in conference season I am in charge of the logistics and making sure that we have everything needed for when we attend national water conferences. I am heavily involved in writing up posts for our website’s blog, working up elements for RFP responses, email marketing, and checking in with the head of marketing to come up with new ideas to get our company’s message out there.

What work accomplishments are you most proud of and what goals have you prioritized for this year?

The work accomplishments I am most proud of is probably seeing all the conferences that I’ve helped organize not only come into fruition, but also resorting to exposure for our company and leads for prospective customers. I am also most proud of all the people that I had a hand in helping hire, it’s always nice to see someone who you knew would be good for the position finally make it to the end stages and offer of employment. The goals I hope to prioritize for this year are to maximize my work efforts on both the marketing and operations side of things and to personally read more books in my free time.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I spend most of time exploring my city of Tampa with close friends, finding new restaurants around town because I’m a foodie, finding good deals at thrift stores and learning how to cook new dishes!


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