Myths We’ve Heard About Lead Service Line Inventory, Replacement, And Funding

In case you missed it, read the thought-provoking article featured on WaterOnline about the misconceptions of Lead Service Line Inventory, Replacement and Funding.

  • The article breaks down the facts and myths surrounding lead service line inventory (LSLI) and lead service line replacement (LSLR) that still circulate around the water industry today.  
  • In the article, you’ll also be able to utilize some key resources for utilities to get started on accurate and useful LSLI and efficient LSLR.
  • As a company, we will be collecting more of these myths and will continue to bust them in future articles on our website. Keep an eye out!

Read the full article on WaterOnline

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BlueConduit pioneered the predictive modeling approach to lead service line identification and replacement. Through BlueConduit data science, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and consultants standardize, predict, report, and communicate key information about lead.