Taking Inventory with BlueConduit

February 23, 2022 – Water Finance & Management published “Taking Inventory” covering the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement. Read the full story on their site.

The article quoted BlueConduit’s Greg Baird on the unreliability of records for public- and private-side service line materials.

“At best lead records are unreliable, and at worst, it’s completely unknown and utilities are going to have to use some modeling to figure out that inventory. It’s a heavy lift.”

Baird pointed to the usefulness of statistical predictions to help utilities and engineering companies locate and remove lead service lines.

“The inventory and the accuracy of any predictive modeling really dictates the flavor, the trust and the cost of the rest of the program. For this to be cost effective, your model needs to have the highest accuracy possible.”

The article includes this graphic from our Flint case study, showing the influence of statistical modeling on the replacement cost.

To make the most of funds allocated towards lead service line replacements, Baird recommends looking at lead service lines in the context of the entire financial and asset management plan.

“To me, there is an integrated asset management component to this. If you’re not integrating [LSL inventory and replacement] into your asset management and financial planning process, you’re not going to make it as cost effective as possible.”

Read the full story on Water Finance & Management.