Video: Spotlight on America on how AI can help communities with lead pipes

Spotlight on America’s Duane Pohlman, Alex Brauer, and Andrea Nejman traveled to Michigan to investigate the issue of hazardous lead pipes in our drinking water system. They came to Ann Arbor to talk to BlueConduit’s co-Founder and co-CEO Eric Schwartz, and they filmed lead service line replacements in Detroit, courtesy of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. They also spoke with Nathaniel Miller, a Detroit resident.

Their story Millions still get water from hazardous lead pipes. Is AI the key to removing them? appeared on The National Desk website on July 19 and in newscasts across the nation that week, including Flint’s Fox66 on Monday July 18, 2022.

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What we saw in Flint was that they didn’t have enough information about where the lead pipes were, but they did have a lot of information about the homes,”

Our goal is to reduce the time that people are exposed to lead. And ideally that would be zero. The fact that it has been years for some kids, especially, or pregnant mothers is devastating

“Lead is not spread equally. It’s disproportionately affecting communities of color and disadvantaged communities. And that is exactly where we’ve really prioritized our work, our mission is to improve lives and the planet by using data science.”

Eric Schwartz, BlueConduit Co-Founder on Spotlight on America

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