Water Online on BlueConduit and the Biden-Harris Get the Lead Out Partnership

The Biden-Harris Get the Lead Out Partnership launched in January with a summit of national leaders in the effort to identify and replace lead. BlueConduit is proud to participate in the partnership and attend the summit.

Water Online’s Editor Kevin Westerling spoke with BlueConduit’s Public Sector Relationships Manager, Sheela Lal, on the national effort.

“No single party alone will be able to remove the lead at scale. It requires collaboration between federal, state, and local governments, between elected officials and water utility staff, between nonprofits and community partners, between engineers and labor. This partnership will highlight best practices and showcase success stories for other communities to replicate that work across the country.”

Sheela Lal

“A key contribution from partners will be the creation and sharing of best practices and case studies from cities across the country that have proactively removed lead or successfully demonstrated the absence of lead service lines.”

Sheela Lal

The article ends on a hopeful note with emphasis on this being a collaborative effort. Like Sheela shares, “We are all in this together.”

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About BlueConduit

BlueConduit pioneered the predictive modeling approach to lead service line identification and replacement. Through BlueConduit data science, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and consultants standardize, predict, report, and communicate key information about lead.