Webinar: Levels of Service

The American Public Works Association is hosting its next Click, Listen & Learn Webinar on Thursday, Jan 22, 2022

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About the Webinar

BlueConduit will speak at the upcoming American’ Public Works Association Click, Listen & Learn Webinar. Here’s the event description from the APWA site:

Levels of Service (LOS) is a component of asset management planning that is significant and has a great deal of impact. Municipalities’ core purpose is to provide public services to the residents and other stakeholders with the help of Infrastructure Assets, and most of the resources devoted to asset management planning are spent on infrastructure. The municipality must ensure that the infrastructure performs to meet the level of service goals at an affordable and sustainable cost, by finding a balance between the expected level of service and the cost of providing that level of service.

We are joined on the panel by Addie Javed, Managing Director of the Kercher Group and Greg Chartier, Infrastructure Management Consultant.

Get more information and register on the APWA site.

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