What funding is available for replacing privately owned lead service lines?

Editor’s note: BlueConduit recently hosted a webinar around state-specific LSLI compliance and the upcoming inventory submission deadline of Oct. 16. In this series, we detail some of the questions we received.

Is there any funding assistance available for replacing service lines on the private side?

As water utilities start thinking about next steps for inventory management and replacement planning for unknowns and known lead service lines, they’ll need to consider the cost of replacement on both the public and private side of the line – a costly venture for utilities and homeowners alike. As one person asked during our webinar, what kind of funding is available to assist with this undertaking, specifically on the private side? 

For starters, there is the recent Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), in which the Biden administration has set aside $15 billion specifically for states to tackle lead service line replacement (link to blog). BIL funds will be going to states’ revolving funds for replacement, so you will want to check with your state agency to see how much has been allocated and how to apply. Each state has their own process but it’s very straightforward to apply. 

Our experience has found that water systems have the most success with funding applications when they minimize their unknowns as much as possible beforehand. This allows them to ask for a more appropriate amount of money related to their needs. For low to moderate income households looking to replace their service lines, there also may be grants available, but it is best to check with your state to find out the specifics. 

It’s important to note that use of BIL funding requires full line replacement, meaning both public and private side. Many comments came up in the proposed LCRI around this, since the current allocation is not enough to cover all lead service line replacements, especially if they must be completed within 10 years of LCRI implementation. We’re looking forward to more clarity from the forthcoming LCRI on both a federal and state level.

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