How BlueConduit helps customers reach state & EPA Service Line Inventory compliance

The initial Service Line Inventory deadline is right around the corner. By October 16, 2024, all public water systems must submit a Service Line Inventory to their regulator, identifying the material of every portion of every service line, both public and private, in their system. And if this isn’t a rigorous enough project already, different states have different definitions, methods, and requirements for how water systems must identify lines as “lead,” “non-lead,” and “unknown” (among other definitions) in their inventory.

BlueConduit supports customers through Service Line Inventory compliance, utilizing our team’s expertise, robust process, and best-in-class technology tools to develop EPA and state-compliant Service Line Inventories ahead of the October deadline.

What’s included in this process? Let’s take a closer look.

BlueConduit’s ensures that we are building state-compliant, on-time Service Line Inventories for all of our customers in 3 core ways:

1. State regulator engagement

BlueConduit’s team of policy experts engage with state regulators in every jurisdiction where we have customers to ensure we understand the specifics of each primacy agency’s guidance and can effectively and clearly guide our customers through the Inventory development process.

2. State compliance reviews with every customer

BlueConduit leads a series of conversations with every customer to review and address state compliance needs. These conversations address state-specific requirements for the Service Line Inventory and predictive modeling, the use of predictions for material classification in the initial Inventory, and the creation of a unique customer timeline in advance of the October 16 deadline.

3. Automated state template customization

BlueConduit’s technology tools automatically transform Service Line Inventory data into state-compliant formats so our customers receive their Inventory data in the right form, ready to submit to their regulator. It’s as simple as that, with no need for customers to manipulate their own data, or pay extra consulting fees, to get their data into a state-compliant format.

State Service Line Inventory guidance can be complex and nuanced, making it difficult to feel confident that you’ve got it right. BlueConduit helps customers through this difficulty, providing guidance, a clear path, and the tools needed to simply and efficiently build a state-compliant Service Line Inventory.

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About BlueConduit

BlueConduit pioneered the predictive modeling approach to lead service line identification and replacement. Through BlueConduit data science, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and consultants standardize, predict, report, and communicate key information about lead.