Meet the policy experts guiding BlueConduit’s EPA & state compliance process

When it comes to lead service line inventories, we can’t talk about predictive modeling and data science without also talking about policy and regulatory requirements. The work to identify and replace lead service lines is driven by Lead and Copper Rule compliance requirements, notably the requirement to create a Service Line Inventory by October 16, 2024.

At BlueConduit, we’ve got a team of national and state policy experts leading our ongoing regulator engagement, internal compliance processes, and technology design to ensure EPA and state-compliant service line inventories on behalf of our customers.

Let’s meet the policy experts leading this important work!

Ian Robinson, COO/President

Ian manages day-to-day operations and implementation of BlueConduit’s strategy, which includes leading our policy and regulatory engagement. He has helped dozens of cities use machine learning to develop a lead service line inventory, using those experiences to inform conversations with regulators across the country on how to leverage technology to meet compliance requirements. 

Ian co-authored white papers on data science for LSL replacement with ASDWA and Galvanized Requiring Replacement. Additionally, he leads internal QA/QC for compliance on all client engagements as well as an effort on AWWA’s Lead and Copper Subcommittee to develop a guide for service line replacement plans. 

Sheela Lal, Delivery Project Manager

Sheela manages BlueConduit’s relationships with public sector entities, elected officials, regulatory agencies, state revolving funds, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, working to ensure strong cross-functional dialogue between water stakeholders addressing lead service line identification and replacements. She balances this work with her day-to-day role as a project manager on BlueConduit’s Delivery team, ensuring all BlueConduit customers have the highest quality customer experience and are on track to submit their inventories on time.

Sheela brings significant past experience in leadership, technology, and policy to BlueConduit. As a Research Director for Progress Missouri, Sheela greatly expanded the organization’s reach, building partnerships and creating new relationships with elected officials. She built a name for herself in Missouri as a trusted advisor, diligently working with legislators to drive new initiatives.

Kristy McGrath, VP Sales & Strategy 

As BlueConduit’s VP of Sales & Strategy, Kristy partners with water systems and engineering firms through their entire journey with BlueConduit, from pre-contracting through delivery of Service Line Inventories and predictions. She works closely with state regulators to ensure up-to-date understanding of guidance to educate customers and ensure that BlueConduit timelines and deliverables meet or exceed contractual obligations. She is an internal advocate for all customers, pushing our team, process, and technology to continually improve and best serve our customers.

Kristy brings over 15 years of combined sales and account management experience in the public sector, IT and infrastructure asset management space.  Her expertise include cultivating strategic relationships, solution selling, and implementing a focused go-to-market strategy with a cohesive knowledge and understanding of the competitive landscape in the public sector market; with experience in market and business development, government contracts, and channel partner engagement.

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About BlueConduit

BlueConduit pioneered the predictive modeling approach to lead service line identification and replacement. Through BlueConduit data science, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and consultants standardize, predict, report, and communicate key information about lead.