Video: BlueConduit on ASDWA Tech for LSL Inventories and Mapping Webinar

On November 10, 2022, the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA) held the first in a series of webinars on LSL Implementation Tools and Best Practices (series info). BlueConduit’s co-Founder Eric Schwartz shared what we have learned in our work.

Here’s the video, cued up to Eric’s section where he gave an overview of the approach and BlueConduit’s LSL Platform.

Some key highlights:

Predictive modeling sits alongside and needs to be done in conjunction with field physical inspections such as hydro vacuum, looking at the the meter, looking in-home, also at the curb box or at the water main, all of these are helpful ways to get verified labels. Then, the predictive modeling can go above and beyond that and extend the value.


We’re going to use this to guide the address-by-address and block-by-block decision making of where to inspect and replace.

Eric Schwartz, BlueConduit Co-Founder and CO-CEO

The recording cropped the slides shown to participants. Here is the full-screen version for you to see.

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